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Charles Parker Bennett provide survey and valuations for all manner of client and purpose.

Clients include – Home owners/buyers, investors, solicitors, accountants, financial institutions, housing associations, local authorities etc. etc.

Instructions are completed for purposes including – mortgage/loan security, Compulsory Purchase, Probate, Compensation, Dispute resolution, Part exchange etc. etc.

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Independent Valuation Report
  • Brief report providing independent valuation advice
  • Limited inspection
  • Limited comment on the overall condition of the property
  • Provides valuation and approximate buildings insurance figure
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RICS Homebuyers Survey
  • General report on the overall condition of the property
  • Intended to comment on items that affect value and not minor repairs
  • Uses a rating system to assess the overall condition
  • Provides a valuation and buildings insurance calculation
  • Limitations to inspection – inspection time is between 1-3 hours dependant upon nature of property

Take a look at the short film below on why it is important to have a RICS Homebuyers Survey.

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Property Condition Report
  • A report limited to the overall condition of the property
  • Does not deal with the value of the property
  • No advice on specific repairs required or other associated matters
  • Uses a rating system to assess the overall condition
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Building Survey
  • A comprehensive report on the condition of the property
  • Provides a detailed analysis on the condition commenting on major, general and minor defects
  • Identifies the extent of repairs and makes comments regarding the timings of repairs required
  • Incorporates photographs to illustrate the comments
  • Does not make a valuation or buildings insurance calculation
  • Detailed examination of between 2-4 hours
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